Tribulation Force

Every day we walk through the valley
Of the Shadow of Death, violence and injustice ensue.
We fight for the Truth and what is Right.
We fight for the Salvation of Lost Souls.
We are the Tribulation Force.

The Devil will come and whisper
Sweet temptations of Wrath, Pride and Lust.
With everything the Lost gain, they are driven to want
More and more, growing envious and gluttonous
With every greedy success fulfilled, becoming lazy
And ungrateful, but ever evil and unremorseful.

The Evil One will come with deceit
Making promises of World Peace, One World
Government and One Global Currency.
For a while, it will be deemed Good
But under the Evil One’s charm lies the Beast
Ready, waiting to unleash Evil against Good, the ultimate war!

The Good One will come with angelic warriors
The Evil one will command demonic soldiers to battle.
The Battle of Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames
Who else will fight in the battle for the Salvation of Lost Souls?

With the Gospel of Faith and Peace set in place,
The Tribulation Force will come forth armed and ready
By the Spirit of the Almighty Good One,
Jesus Christ, son of God.

We will be armed with the Belt of Truth tight around our waists,
The Breastplate of Righteousness fastened in place.
Flaming arrows will fly from the Army of Evil
But we will be protected by the Shield of Faith,
The Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit.
For we are the Tribulation Force!

Heaven’s Gates will welcome the Good and ever Faithful.
Hell’s Flames will devour the Evil and devoutly wicked.
The Battle for Lost Souls will violently rage,
But the Tribulation Force will be lead to victory
By Jesus Christ, for the Salvation of Lost Souls.