Bookshelf Ornaments

The room was deserted, except for an object lying on the table. This object was made of green and gold material, shaped like an animal with a square body and a rodent-like head. Unexpectedly, the parcel started to unravel, revealing a golden box. The lid of the box was pushed open from the inside. There was blue material inside the box for padded protection. The material starts wriggling, juddering the box and a tiny wooden man topples out. He lays curled in a fetal position on the table, motionless. Meanwhile, the material continues to struggle in the tight confines of the box.

Victorious from his battle with the material, a second tiny wooden man breaks free. The man curls himself and rolls down the material, out of the box. Slowly the two woodmen start to uncurl themselves, stretching from the long time spent confined to the box. Standing, the two men take in their surroundings. They walk together side by side, making their way to the edge of the table and leap down to a towel covered chair. The first woodman moves closer to the second. After some gesturing, the second man leaps from the chair to explore the vast area of the room.

The first man climbed back onto the table, where the material remains of the parcel lay, to await the return of his friend. From the height of the table top, the little woodman took in the room from afar. He waited eagerly to hear the second man’s report. Suddenly, there was an unexpected noise. The woodman hurried off the table, back onto the chair, where he hid out of sight, listening intently. There is the scuffling of sleepy footsteps entering the room, then a faint crunch, and gasp of shock. The woodman peers round the back of the chair. Horrified, the tine woodman watched as a giant bent down and pick up his friend, exiting the room with the second woodman in hand.

When he was sure the giant had gone, the woodman climbed back to his position on the table. He waited, praying for his friend’s safe return. Hours past and the woodman eventually fell asleep at his guard post. It was a worried, dream-filled sleep. When he awoke, the woodman found himself standing on an unfamiliar shelf. He looked to left and saw an arrangement of precious ornaments, seeing nothing familiar, he turned to his right. To his delight, saw that he was standing next to the second woodman. But the second woodman was different, his wood was covered in brilliant gold. The first woodman looked down and saw that he too was no longer a wooden hue, but the purest white of a dove. Content, the woodmen, remained on the shelf, perched among the other precious ornaments.