The Dingo and the Wolf

Solitary, prowling in the arid outback, the dingo spots a kangaroo bouncing in the distance. As the kangaroo nears, it senses danger and abruptly halts. Ears pricked, nose twitching, the kangeroo hesitantly hops forward. Unseen, the dingo lunges. Miss! The kangaroo darts to safety. Then chattering and laughter catches the dingo’s attention. Smelling a familiar aroma of sizzling, juicy meat, the dingo heads in the direction of an easy meal.

The humans in sight, the dingo, patiently waits for food. After a while, patience is lost to hunger, the dingo inches closer. Eyeing the food being eaten and messily tossed to the ground. The dingo continues to approach. The humans notice the barbecue intruder, objects begin to fly at the dingo; hurt the dingo dashes away. The dingo has been here before, the humans will eventually tire and abandon the area. Guarding, the dingo waits near enough to sense the retreat but far enough not to attract the humans’ attention. The dingo begins to snooze as it awaits the much-anticipated feast.

The heat slowly cools as darkness seeps in. Chattering turns to clangs. The dingo awakes knowing that the humans will soon leave. Noises cease, darkness ensues all but the dull glow of the moon. The dingo rushes to claim the rejected food. Chomping, snapping; growling and snarling at the occasional scavenger. Hunger satisfied the dingo sits. Looking up to the now brightly shining moon, the dingo howls eerily. Perhaps another soul in another world will hear the cry. The howls left echoing unheard, the dingo solitarily slinks back to its den.

         * * * * * * * * * *

A wolf howls to the rest of the pack. Crouching low, the wolves separate through the forest brush — stalking, surrounding their prey. The stag munches at the mossy ground unaware. The wolves creep onward. Creak, snap! One of the wolves fumbled. The stag stops. Ears flicked back and forth, tentatively the stag steps forward. Searching, listening. The wolf senses an opportunity to strike. The stag tries to dodge and dart away. Another member of the pack is ready. The stag felled, there is a scrabble for food.

An authoritative howl sounds through the forest. The squabbling stops, the wolves sit quietly as the alpha nears. Growling, claiming the prize of the hunt, the alpha begins to eat. A brave young wolf attempts to take part in the meal. The alpha snarls, teeth bared and snaps at the disrespectful pup. The young wolf backs away. The alpha snorts and continues to eat. After eating its fill the alpha retreats, allowing the rest of the pack to feast. Proudly sitting nearby as the wolves devour the stag, the alpha looks up to the glowing moon. The alpha lets out a deep, raucous howl; the rest of the pack stop eating, look to the alpha and then to the moon, returning the eerie cry. The din echoes surreally through the forest. Alerted of danger, prey scurries to hide as the alpha returns to the den, ready to rest through the day.