The River Jetty

The river shimmers, gently flowing.
Mangroves whisper in the breeze,
A boat moored ashore, rocking slowly
In the water’s shimmering glow.

Mooring ropes shift in rippling movement.
Cars roar past over the sturdy white bridge.
A boat taps and creaks against the jetty,
The river dimmed, soiled and murky.

Birds flutter through trees and under the bridge.
Ducks cruise past, quacking, and splashing all in a row.
Lizards scurry between fallen leaves and intact branches.
Tiny butterflies hover quietly by like silky bows.

Overlooking the activity, the jetty stands.
Observing the gentle life of nature,
Watching the busy ambush of machinery,
Still poled in the river’s flow of murky water.