Living Audaciously: 30 Reflections on Renaissance Paintings

Living Audaciously: 30 Reflections on Renaissance Paintings, written by Varghese Philip, is a Christian devotional exploring the religious perspective that has survived from the Renaissance to the Contemporary. Varghese Philip explores the Biblical inspiration behind the production of some of the most renowned artwork of the Renaissance from Michaelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni’s Creation of Adam to Giotto di Bondone’s Renunciation of Worldly Gods. Portraying the words and meaning of the Bible through the visualisation of Renaissance art.

Rather than delving into a critique or deconstruction of the artists’ work, the artwork shown in Living Audaciously, are cleverly used as illustrations to complement the text of Varghese Philip’s devotional message. The reader is guided through verses of the Bible with the emphasis of the scenes and emotions portrayed from the Renaissance perspective of well-known Bible stories. After describing the basis of the imagery shown, Varghese Philip guides the reader to the Bible verse from where the artists’ inspirations were drawn. Creating a self-help message of how to live an audacious Christian life. Posing such challenges to the reader as:

What should be embraced or sacrificed in life to deeply engage with God?

How can we inspire courage in others, to help them find the light in the depth of darkness?

After salvation, how can we evolve in ourselves to live a Christ-like life and be an example to others?

How to draw strength from faith to overcome our fears and enable us to live audaciously?

As with the style of devotional writing, Living Audaciously: 30 Reflections on Renaissance Paintings, is written to be read one section a day, for the duration of a month. The reader is encouraged to reflect with Varghese Philip about the inspiration, and Bible verses related to the artistry of the Renaissance, and digest the message of faith, compassion, and hope. 

Living Audaciously: 30 Reflections on Renaissance Paintings, would be a beneficial read for all who have an interest in art history, self-improvement, and Christian living.

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